One tonne – knowledge included

Holmen Iggesund manufactures a range of paperboard products at Iggesund in Sweden and Workington in England together with plastic extrusions and laminations for paperboard at Strömsbruk in Sweden. These facilities have been paperboard production units for the better part of a century thus advancing the craft, skill and tradition of paperboard manufacture.

To achieve the best results in the printing process or in packaging manufacture, you need not only a high-quality base material but also knowledge about how to use that material in the best possible way.

Designers, packaging developers and printers all contribute their own specific knowledge and experience to help optimise the product’s properties and functions throughout its lifespan. For this reason, hands-on knowledge about the special properties of paperboard is also required.

For a number of decades, Holmen Iggesund has systematically compiled and made available to its customers an extensive body of knowledge material – the Iggesund Anchor – in order to help increase the user’s ability to make the best use of Invercote and Incada at all stages.


Iggesund product range

The Holmen Iggesund product range is very extensive and includes solid bleached boards from 180– 400 g/m² and folding box boards from 200–350 g/m² as well as versions where sheets are glued together or extrusion laminated with foil or film. Below you will find examples of the typical end uses and the grammage/thickness range for the respective products. For further information, please contact your local Holmen Iggesund contact.

Type of board/Grade Typical applications Grammage (g/m2) Thickness (μm)
  Solid Bleached Board (SBB, GZ)
Invercote G Perfumes, Cosmetics, Chocolates, Pharmaceuticals, Wines and spirits,
Book and CD-covers, Cards, Brochures, Advertising material
180-380 205-505
Invercote Creato Brochure and catalogue covers, Folders, Tags, Point of sales,
CD-covers, Cards, Tobacco
200-400 200-485
Invercote Albato Perfumes, Cosmetics, Chocolates, Wines and spirits,
Advertising material, Covers, Cards, Media, Tobacco
250-350 285-424
Invercote Lenato Tobacco 220-270 275-350
Invercote T Tobacco 220-280 275-365
  Folding Box Board (FBB, GC1)
Incada Silk Cosmetics, Chocolates, Medical and health care,
Covers, Cards, Media
220-350 325-590
Incada Silk C Tobacco    
  Folding Box Board (FBB, GC2)
Incada Exel Frozen and chilled food, Confectionery, Wines and spirits,
Beverages, Biscuits and other foods, Pharma and health care, Microwaveable products
200-350 310-640
  Board Laminates
Invercote Duo Advertising material, Games, Wines and spirits, CD-holders, Covers,
Point of sales, Brochures, Tags, Chocolates, Glassware, Perfumes and cosmetics
410-770 470-1010
Incada Duo Brochures, Tags, Advertising material, Games, CD-holders,
Wines and spirits, Electronic goods
410-995 610-1740
  Foil and Film Laminates
Metalprint Tobacco, Wine and spirits, Perfume and cosmetics, Hair care and toiletries, Pharmaceuticals, Brochures, Confectionery Depending on choice of baseboard grade Depending on choice of baseboard grade
Alubarrier Confectionery, Tobacco, Biscuits and other foods, Ice cream Depending on choice of baseboard grade Depending on choice of baseboard grade