Water your spruce seedling When you come home with your spruce plant it is possible that it is a bit thirsty, so you need to water it. Once it has been planted (see next step), it is important to continue to water it, but not too much. The soil can dry up a bit and the spruce can handle some dry spells, but it cannot handle over-watering too well. The soil should be lightly moist, not soaked through.

Plant your spruce seedling Your spruce can be planted directly in your garden (the best time to do that is in the spring) or in a pot. Regardless of which option you choose is important that you cover the entire root system with new soil, to be sure you can let the new soil cover a part of the stem of your spruce. If you place your spruce in a pot, make sure that you switch to a larger model when the root system has spread to the edges of the pot.

The spruce's natural habitat is in a forest, so it feels best if it's placed on a balcony or outside in your garden. If you only keep it indoors it's more likely that it will catch some bad company or get sick from the warm and dry climate. It also likes to get some sun during the day, not too much though, but a place in the shade is not a place it will like. Just like with us humans, moderation is the best thing!  

Prune it to keep it in shape If you plant your spruce directly in the garden there is probably no need to prune it, since you have enough space for it to grow. But if you keep it in a pot on your balcony you might perhaps like to keep down the size. The trick to pruning spruce is to not overdo it; don't take away too much at one time, better to do it regularly and just a little. The best time to prune is during early spring or winter. During this time spruce is not growing that much, so it has more energy to heal.

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