When the Norwegian cognac was given a new label in the first half of 2017, Arcus Norge soon also wanted to have a new identity for the spirits packaging that would link to the new label.

“It required a great deal of embossing in order to get the right feel and strength, so Invercote Duo paperboard was an obvious choice,” says Kjell Hammerstad, Sales Manager at ÅR Carton.

For Braastad XO, 30,000 premium gift packs were made for the one-litre bottle and 15,000 for the 700-millilitre one. Since then, Arcus Norge has also requested new gift packs made of Invercote Duo for its Braastad VSOP cognac.


Brand: Braastad

Product: Gift pack

Paperboard: Invercote Duo 610 g/m2

Invercote Duo is a great alternative when you need both strength and an optimal print surface. Just look at what Norwegian converter ÅR Packaging recently made for Braastad!

Created 16 March, 2018.