“Taittinger wanted to introduce a holographic element to create an illusion of bubbles and playfulness. We placed a large lens behind each of the four main panels creating a shimmer and sheen across the whole pack which, when lined up on a shelf in duty-free, catches the eye and draws in customers to touch and investigate the effect”, says Simon Thompson, Head of design at Wavefront.

The Fresnel film is laminated to the paperboard under tension to ensure that lenses and other elements are maintained in the correct position before being sheeted to register. Printing is completed by Le Sanglier print house where the cartons are treated to the transparent pink ink coverage before being die cut and glued.

What was the main reason for choosing Incada paperboard?

“The Fresnel film is laminated to the board using a water based adhesive so the surface must be receptive and smooth to optimise the mirror finish of the 23um laminating film”, says Simon Thompson.

Taittinger Champagne Packaging


Brand: Taittinger

Product: Rosé champagne gift box

Paperboard: Incada Exel 235 g/m2


Created 15 November, 2019.