But let’s start at the beginning. Java Paper Group is a specialised supplier of high-quality paper and paperboard. They act as an intermediary between manufacturers, printers, merchants, and converters. For over 15 years the company has supplied Art-in-Art with paperboard for various projects. So, when Art-in-Art needed help developing medical packaging for Lupisulin, Java Paper Group suggested first that they run trials on Invercote G 300g/m2.

When the trials were conducted, they found Invercote much stiffer than the 300 g/m2 competition SBS board, which prompted them to go for Invercote G 260 g/m2 and, as we had suggested, it matched the stiffness of the previous 300 g m2 SBS board,” reports Sagar Java of Java Paper Group.

It was the stiffness despite the lower grammage that persuaded Art-in-Art to consider Invercote paperboard. Following several trials, the company chose Invercote based on its good performance in four criteria: Shade, foldability without creases, runnability on the machine, and dimensional stability. The last mentioned is crucial to improved production efficiency.

When packing the Invercote cartons, the end-user found they could run their machine at full capacity and achieve increased productivity without any machine or manpower investment. The dimensional stability of the converted Invercote paperboard helped the cartonator lines run error-free and led to a 15% increase in efficiency,” Sagar Java concludes.


Brand: Java Paper Group and Art-in-Art for Lupin Ltd

Product: Lupisulin

Paperboard: Invercote G 260 g/m2

Printing technique: Offset

Finishing: BOPP Lamination, die cutting and carton pasting


Created 15 March, 2017.