The company is owned and run by Ylvali Gerling, her sister Linn Hägg and their mother Mary Hägg. In 2014 it launched IQoro, a treatment with an accompanying product for anyone who has weakened muscles in the mouth, throat, and oesophagus.

“IQoro stands for ‘intelligent mouth’, and we like to describe it as a dumbbell for visceral musculature,” Gerling says, “It also has a positive effect on snoring problems”.

IQoro product and packaging on table with Ylvali Gerling and Agneta Wallner in black and white

When IQoro was being launched, MYoroface wanted a medtech packaging that could reflect the company’s high standards. The company, therefore, chose Invercote G 350 g/m2 for the packaging and Invercote Creato 240 g/m2 and 200 g/m2 for the brochures.

“IQoro is manufactured to strict quality, hygiene, and ­environmental demands, and complies with Swedish Medical Products Agency guidelines,” Gerling explains. “So, it was only natural that the high product quality should also be reflected in the packaging.”

MYoroface set out a series of requirements for this medical packaging. It had to have a modern design, convey a sense of the brand, be easy to open yet also strong, have a good print surface, and not contaminate the contents. The company decided on Invercote G.

“I was already familiar with Invercote and know that it’s a completely clean paperboard with strong fibres that is durable and retains its whiteness,” Gerling says. “Because many of our customers have reduced motor function, the packaging has to be easy to open at the perforation, but it also has to remain intact during transport and also have a long shelf life.”


Created 23 February, 2016.