A perfect illustration of this vision is the design for Cimzia®, a prescription medicine for patients with severe rheumatism, created jointly by UCB Pharma and packaging manufacturer Rondo. The well-thought packaging has several clever solutions that make it easier to access the medicine.

“With this design, we’re clearly setting the trend,” comments François Blin of the UCB Packaging Development Team. “This new design platform has been developed to create a positive unboxing experience and an emotional connection with the users.”

Setting the trend is not an overstatement as the medical packaging has been showered with awards. In 2015 it won the HCPC Europe Columbus Award and then it clinched first place in the Functionality and Convenience category in the prestigious German Packaging Awards 2016.

UCB and Rondo have been using Invercote G paperboard since the early stage of development. Using Invercote G was motivated by both functional and marketing reasons, as Cimzia® is a high-value product and therefore needs the best quality of cardboard.

“The printability and whiteness of the cardboard were key features for the cardboard selection. Invercote also perfectly contributes to the idea of perceived added value that we are promoting through our drug products,” François Blin explains.


Brand: UCB Pharma S. A.

Product: Cimzia®

Designers: François Blin (UCB Pharma S. A.), Cécile Zimmermann (Rondo AG)

Paperboard: Invercote G

Printing technique: Offset, Water-based varnish


Created 17 February, 2017.