“Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies haven’t tended to put much effort into the appearance of their products,” says Tobias Kisker, Managing Director of Calmino Group. “But this is a consumer product, and as such, it needs to catch the eye.”

PROIBS® is sold in the form of a powder packaged in sachets. The powder is made from a plant extract called AVH200®, which has successfully completed a randomised placebo study at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. The supplement can be taken up to twice daily as an effective aid in the management of IBS.

“A product that’s used every day needs to be easy to access, so we wanted our customers to be able to keep it visible in their kitchens,” Kisker says. “That’s why we designed it to look more like a food supplement and less like a medicine.”

The PROIBS® packaging design, which finished joint second in the 2014 Pro Carton ECMA Awards, consists of an appealing outer box and an interior pull-out “drawer” containing the sachets. The drawer has a holder to make sure the sachets stay standing even as the pack starts to empty, along with a stopper to prevent the user from pulling the drawer out too far.

Kisker acknowledges that he didn’t know about Invercote G paperboard before Eson Pac, which designed the PROIBS packaging and introduced him to it. Kisker liked it right away.

“We expect the customer to touch the product every day, so we want it to feel good,” he says. “Invercote also looks great after printing. The colours are bright and sharp, while the appearance of the paperboard conveys a high-quality product.”


Customer: Calmino Group AB

Designer: Tobias Kisker and Joachim Elmquist, Eson Pac AB

Material used: Invercote G 330 g/m2

Printing technique: 4 colour offset printing

Finishing options: UV coating, embossing

Printer: Eson Pac AB


Created 23 February, 2016.