“If we can show people it’s possible to build an 8ft space rocket from cardboard, then we show them that anything is possible”. 

That was Dane Whitehurst’s pitch to his CEO at Burgopak Ltd. Thankfully she was sold on the idea and supported his pet project. 

Dane is an artist, designer and the Creative Director of Burgopak, a company focused on using packaging design and cardboard engineering to build education, delight and sustainability into the unboxing of products. He has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands including Google, Samsung, Unilever and Sony and has helped some of the most innovative start-ups to launch new products. 

So why a build a rocket out of paperboard?

“I have always had a keen sense of adventure and when not designing things or spending time with my family, I am happiest when cycling, rock climbing, running or hiking.” says Dane. “And I have always been obsessed with explorers, adventurers and pioneers. The Saturn V rocket is perhaps the greatest symbol of the pioneering spirit, of human endeavour and the great desire to overcome the forces that conspire to keep us static. And it is exactly this spirit that we try to imbue within the work we do at Burgopak. “

How it was built

The rocket itself consists of a 1.5mm corrugated internal skeleton around which is wrapped printed sheets of Holmen Iggesund’s wonderfully versatile Invercote paperboard. Much like the original rocket, it is constructed in stages (defined in part by the B1 sheet size) that lock together and are then sealed with an external seam. The artwork was painstakingly recreated by tracing photos of the original, combined with a sprinkle of artistic license and then blown-up to 1:50 scale. 

Seven years on, the rocket still hangs in the same place, reminding us of the value in overcoming challenges. The endurance of the model is also testament to the resilience of the materials used for its construction and the hours spent taping and gluing every seam. 

Ready to learn more about the wonderfully versatile Invercote paperboard? This is a good place to start: https://www.iggesund.com/products/product-families/about-invercote/

If you’d like to see other examples of Dane’s personal work then please visit; www.danewhitehurst.com 

And if you’d like to know more about Burgopak and their innovative packaging designs please visit; www.burgopak.com 


Created 1 November, 2023.