Customers of the Lithuanian printing house Regrafas are probably also well aware of it because in 2016 Regrafas produced a calendar on Metalprint (Incada Silk + PE) with the monkey as a theme and sent it out to their customers. Paper distributor Antalis was responsible for the choice of paperboard.

“Regrafas have many different printing techniques so they wanted to create something really special to show what they could offer,” explains Daiva Mažvilaitė Varnienė of Antalis in Lithuania. “We suggested they should use Metalprint (Incada Silk + PE) to heighten the experience via a mirror effect. Both Regrafas and their customers were very pleased with the result.”


Brand: Regrafas

Product: Calendar

Designer: Elžbieta Kiaunienė

Paperboard: Metalprint (Incada Silk+PE)

Printing technique: Offset

Finishing: Hot foil blocking


Created 17 February, 2017.