The digitally printed calendar is made on Invercote paperboard and comes in a pale blue box. The calendar has its title and a fox’s silhouette highlighted with silver foil, which was also used on the back of the box and for the months inside. All the text is in both Hebrew and English.

Inside the box is a matching blue stand, which folds out to hold 12 cards, one for each month.

The cards are available in three different colour schemes.

The Highcon laser-cut scenery at the top of the cards changes as the user removes each month’s card and places it behind the rest, creating the impression that the fox is moving through a constantly shifting landscape.

By requiring the user to physically co-create the ongoing story of the fox, the calendar draws the user in and adds an extra dimension of enjoyment.


Brand: Sabai Sabai Design

Product: Calendar

Paperboard: Invercote


Created 17 July, 2019.