Therese Fiegl came up with an idea for a less common way to use the milk of the Tyrol Grey: Milk chocolate. More than 200,000 eagerly sought-after bars of chocolate are now being produced annually and are quickly selling out via and in well-stocked retailers in Germany and Austria.

The selected material to create Tyrol Grey’s confectionary packaging was Invercote G paperboard.

What properties of the paperboard were important to your packaging needs?

“The stability, the brightness of the colours, and the reliability of the quality of the paperboard. But also – which is in line with our product – the sustainable forestry aspect and the fact that the paperboard is taint and odour neutral,” she explains.


Brand: Tiroler Edle 

Product: Milk Chocolate

Paperboard: Invercote G


Created 22 June, 2018.