For the Ruru Mary’s brand, in particular, what makes these chocolates even more fun is the beautiful artwork of their signature premium folding boxes. With peaceful landscapes of mountains, lakes and meadows printed on the package, Ruru Mary’s aims to bring a sense of happiness and tranquillity. They were created so that the illustration of colourful flowers appears when the lid is opened.

“We wanted to impart the impression that the product is gently made by transitioning from a quiet and monotone decoration on the outside of the box to a gorgeous illustration when the lid is opened,” says Mr. Yuji Komatsuzaki, from Mary Chocolate. Customer reactions have been more positive than they ever thought possible.

Ruru Mary's gift boxes

Opting for Invercote G 240 gsm and 280 gsm paperboard, Ruru Mary’s boxes use the reverse side for a slightly rougher texture. Taking advantage of the characteristic whiteness, it culminates with a package that combines personality and style with a finishing technique of four-colour offset printing and hot-foil stamping. Though the texture of Ruru Mary’s boxes is gentle, the corners of the box stand firm when folded, resulting in an eye-catching quality feel, perfectly matching the luxurious and charming Ruru Mary’s brand.


Brand: Ruru Mary’s

Product: Gift box

Paperboard: Invercote G


Created 24 September, 2019.