The “Bodegas Balsamic” gift pack is designed for Toro Albalà 25 and 50-year-old cured balsamic vinegar. The case is composed of four pieces that self-lock when assembled and when opened they are arranged one inside the other to resemble a Spanish fan.

For the design of the Toro Albalá balsamic vinegar packaging, Holmen Iggesund's Invercote Creato 300 gsm was selected. This choice was due to the compromise between low caliper, good stiffness, and surface smoothness of this material.

The architecture of the design required certain structural robustness and material where the creases had a noble behaviour. In addition, as the back was to be finished in amber metallised polyester and the face was to be predominantly matt black, a material coated on both sides with a degree of smoothness that was as smooth as possible was required.

The gift case not only protects the glass bottle inside but also provides a base to support it, at the same time that it displays the product in style at the point of sale.

“This pack is a fine example of gift packaging. The construction presents and protects the product beautifully. I liked the dramatic effect of the outer packaging fanning out to reveal the bottle inside and the filler board used reflects high quality throughout the product. Opening the pack is a very satisfying experience as the carton protects the product really well and has an element of surprise. All in all, a really well thought through well-executed gift pack.”

Jury comment by Dr. Janet Shipton

Premium box for Balsamic Bottle

Premium paperboard packaging For Balsamic Bottle


Created 10 September, 2021.