The Chicago-based cosmetics brand dome BEAUTY started in 2016 with a vision to celebrate beauty from an inclusive and healthy perspective.

“We really take pride in taking this inclusive approach and not limiting our efforts to only being inclusive through the shades we develop,” says founder Mar Cavallone.

Dome BEAUTY features an expertly crafted collection of clean colour cosmetics with a curated range of pigmented shades that harmonise with varying skin tones and undertones. It has been developed to suit women of all origins and ages. But it is not only the cosmetic products that are top class. To dome BEAUTY, cosmetic packaging is as critical as the content.

“Being an indie brand, you are at a slight disadvantage since you are small and not as well known in the beauty space. You want your packaging to stand on its own so when someone looks at it, they immediately recognise it as ‘dome BEAUTY’. So the packaging is crucial to us,” says Cavallone.

When searching for the perfect box for her products, Cavallone was trying to accomplish a high-quality look without all the fancy finishes that eliminate the ability to recycle the box.

Cavallone says she spent 18 months researching paperboard and learned quite a bit about what can have an impact on the final product when printing. She ultimately decided to go with Holmen Iggesund’s Invercote G paperboard for the launch of the new blush in 2019.

“When presented with Invercote as an option I was very intrigued. It checked all the boxes: from the even surface and great colour absorption to the environmentally friendly soy ink that we want to use, without leaving patchy spots. It also came in the thickness we needed, and it was biodegradable. It was the perfect match!”

The cosmetic packaging for the first line of dome BEAUTY products was printed by L&E International in Shenzhen, China with DIC/Sakata soy ink, a non-volatile water-based ink, in line with the sustainable orientation of the beauty brand. It has a gloss aqueous coating, also water-based, with a reduced climate impact compared to traditional finishes.

“I was interested in Holmen Iggesund from the start. When I learned about all they do to preserve forests and maintain a green footprint, I knew they were the right paper provider for dome BEAUTY. I always look to partner with companies who believe in the same principles as Dome, and Holmen Iggesund was at the top of my list. We will continue to use it for all of our product launches.”

 Dome beauty packaging

 Dome packaging


Brand: Dome BEAUTY

Product: Cheek Envy Blush

Paperboard: Invercote G 260 g/m2

Created 8 May, 2020.