“The client wanted a kit with all the essentials. The holidays were coming and so we made ‘The Holiday Kit’, sleeve with a sliding inner packaging,” says graphic designer Kaja Martine Gustavson.

Why Invercote Metalprint Digital paperboard?

“It was actually the only product I saw that fit the client. It works very well for packaging and with this metallic effect, it had all of what the client needed. It is cost-effective, of good quality, and looks beautiful.”

What characteristics of the paperboard do you like?

“All the possibilities. Here the design was black and gold, so to make the gold stand out we had to print white under the black to get a more solid black. As the paperboard is made in a metallic and we needed gold, I created a yellow tone to print over, and we got gold. It is amazing!”

Any special finishing techniques?

“Over the print, we used a glossy lamination to keep the colours and quality over time since we knew there would be a lot of wear and tear by the customers in the salons.”

What do you like about the result?

“I love how timeless it is and how easily I can change the design with just print instead of relying on hot-foil stamping or other special techniques.”

What feedback have you heard?

“The client and her customers love it, that is really the important thing. The customers think the design is super fresh. Apparently, the design and quality are the reasons why the sales are so good, and the carton completely matches the profile and concept of the client’s salons. That’s what makes it a success. I know we made the right choice of paperboard and design.”


Brand: Brow Rehab Salons

Product: The Holiday Kit

Paperboard: Invercote Metalprint Digital

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Created 14 February, 2019.