GLOWiD was born seven years ago when founder Cecilia Ortmark Söder returned from South Korea to her home country of Sweden. Söder had lived in Seoul for a couple of years and had become inspired by the innovation going on in South Korea’s skincare industry. She created GLOWiD to enable people in Sweden to benefit from the gentle products made with natural ingredients that created the smooth, radiant skin that she saw in South Korea. 

Today, GLOWiD is a leading distributor for carefully selected South Korean skincare brands throughout the Nordics and parts of Europe. To celebrate their success and seventh birthday, the company asked their regular collaborator Anders Bergman, a constructor at creative production company PA Media, to help them make a special birthday box and bag to present sample products in.

“We have been working together with GLOWiD since 2020 when they asked us to make a sleeve for their existing boxes,” says Bergman. “Since then, we have built a good working relationship. They trust us and we have a good collaboration. I regularly work for them on things like packaging, signs and brochures.”

GLOWiD wanted to create a dinner party-themed celebration for their seventh birthday. They asked Bergman to make a takeaway box and bag that would each contain seven sample skin care products. These would represent a seven-course menu to be enjoyed over the course of one seven-day week.


GLOWiD packaging in the shape of takeaway box

Photo: GLOWiD

“I work initially with 3D software applications,” says Bergman. “With this technology, I create 3D sketches of packaging that our customers apply their designs to. I can then fold the box digitally before producing it physically to test how the designs look in different directions and ensure that everything looks as planned. I then do the construction.”

“I think GLOWiD have made an inspirational design,” Bergman adds. “They are very professional when it comes to design. But I decide what material we need. They trust me to choose the materials. And for the takeaway box and bag, I chose Invercote Creato.”

Bergman, a constructor with many years of experience, says he has been using Holmen’s paperboard materials for around 30 years. “I needed a strong board with excellent printing and folding qualities for this job. The end products needed to look like a takeaway container and bag, and each had to be able to hold the weight of the seven sample skincare containers.”

“I used Invercote Creato 350g for both the box and the bag because it is a very usable material when it comes to digital cutting and creasing. It has strong fibres and can handle several kilograms of weight. Invercote Creato also has a nice touch to it when you open it. And it is a little bit shiny, which is ideal for the luxury feeling GLOWiD wanted. It also prints well of course, which was essential to accentuate GLOWiD’s signature pink colour.

Created 27 March, 2024.