ALL TIGERS aims to “bring the best of cosmetics to the Queens of the modern jungle.” But what does ALL TIGERS believe to be best when it comes to cosmetics?

“Both we and our customers are inspired by nature, and acutely aware that we all have the power to address today’s social and environmental challenges. This must be reflected in the products we make and how we make and market them”, says ALL TIGERS founder Alexis Robillard.

That’s why ALL TIGERS recently worked closely with customers to create a modern, natural, vegan line of lipsticks that matches their consumers’ conscience. The next challenge would be developing premium cosmetic packaging made of sustainable material.

In the cosmetics world, appearance is important, but not at the expense of the ideology of the company. How could the lipstick box live up to the values of this powerful brand, be both stylish and sustainable, enticing yet environmentally kind?

After considering every aspect of the packaging design and print technology, ALL TIGERS selected Invercote G paperboard printed on the reverse side for a matt finish.

Printing technology was an important factor. No metal, gilding, or varnish was used, creating a more natural box. The digital printing technology used has a low environmental impact, thanks to factors such as zero water discharge, and zero cardboard and ink wastage. Digital printing also allowed ALL TIGERS to have a top colour touch, in the form of the company’s tiger emblem, printed on each package. This makes the lipstick stand out in display units, thereby helping customers to choose it and accelerating the buying process. Finally, the HP Indigo printing machine process was able to cover 98 per cent of the pantone colour references, representing most of the lipstick product range.

As a result, ALL TIGERS vegan products are delivered in a box that is part of their message, magnifying their ideology of stylish sustainability.

All Tigers' Lipstick

All Tigers' Lipstick

All Tigers' Lipstick



Product: Lipstick

Paperboard: Invercote G 

Modern natural makeup brand All Tigers chose Invercote G to lower the environmental impact of their lipstick packaging.

Created 26 September, 2019.