Is it important to you that your children don’t absorb unnecessary poisons and chemicals? If so, a good place to start is the first thing they put in their mouths – the dummy or pacifier. The Danish company Natursutten, which manufactures its pacifiers from natural rubber, has very quickly become the self-evident choice for aware parents of children who use pacifiers.

But it is not only the pacifier that should be made of a sustainable material. Since Natursutten was launched in 2015 its packaging has been made with Invercote G paperboard.

“All our products must be made from biodegradable materials. This is imperative for us since we do not want to leave more in this world,”
                                                             Suzanne Moll, Natursutten.

In addition to the sustainability aspect, the company chose Invercote G, which is known in the industry for its printability, in order to do justice to the pictures on the packaging. They depict the target group using the product – that is, babies with pacifiers in their mouths.

“Parents post the pictures, and we add them to our packing. This strategy has proved very successful and makes the SoMe (social media) community very strong and personal”, Moll explains.


Brand: Natursutten

Product: Pacifier

Paperboard: Invercote G 260 g/m2


Created 16 March, 2018.