One of the UK’s leading carton manufacturers, Falconer Print & Packaging, based in the beautiful northern English county of Yorkshire, has been operating since 1987. A forward-thinking business, the company is focused on high quality, sustainability and ensuring that its clients get innovative and personal solutions. For packaging materials that meet these needs, Falconer regularly turns to Holmen Iggesund.

“We have been working with Holmen Iggesund for as long as anyone can remember,” says Colin Pow, Sales and Marketing Director, Falconer. “They are lovely to deal with and their board is brilliant. It prints superbly; we trust the way it takes ink and foil and it takes an emboss and deboss really well too. It is rare that you get a board that is nearly always on side and works the same every time, but Holmen Iggesund is very consistent with its quality.”

Pow adds that Holmen Iggesund’s sustainability values mean that the two companies make a good match. This also means that many of Falconer’s clients, such as Vicky Bellerby, the founder of start-up scented candle company MIXMY Scent , also based in Yorkshire, are very interested in using Holmen Iggesund materials.

“Vicky has worked in the industry for a long time,” says Pow. “So she knew about Holmen Iggesund already. But by reminding her about the sustainability work that Holmen Iggesund has been doing in the UK with things like the biomass plant at its mill in Workington, I think I reinforced her confidence.”

Bellerby worked for two decades in product development and marketing for global beauty and home fragrance brands before creating MIXMY Scent. With five Primary Candles offering differing scents, including Citrus / Oceanic and Wood / Smoulder, MIXMY invites consumers to mix and match Primary Candle fragrances together to create multiple ‘Scent Destinations™’. 

The company was also founded with a no-waste ethos, encouraging its customers to refill, reuse and recycle everything they can. To help them do this the Primary Candles are presented in glass containers which can be reused many times over with MIXMY Primary Candle Refills.

A box board for a heavy load  

Falconer’s main considerations when choosing the packaging material were therefore to ensure that the cartons could handle the 1kg weight of the glass containers and the graphic design requirements. These consisted of stand-out embellishment techniques by Falconer, including embossing and debossed and unvarnished “plus” signs on each package that align together so that the five different scents form a perfect wall when displayed on shelves.

Designed for high quality packaging and graphics applications, Incada Silk, a fully coated white-backed folding box board was the ideal solution. The strong primary fibre paperboard consistently meets the requirements for high performance in quality printing and varnishing. Its multi-layered fibre composition and construction maximises its stiffness, whilst having a low-density. Pigment coating can be applied to one or both sides and its unique composition is designed to satisfy different end-use printability requirements.

“The glass containers are a serious weight and so we needed a really good board that we could trust and that would also react well to having a lovely overall emboss, which is why we chose the board we did,” says Pow.

Incada Silk is also produced at the Holmen Iggesund Workington Mill, which is powered almost entirely on fossil-free bioenergy.

Commenting on the finished cartons, Bellerby at MIXMY Scent said: “I’m over the moon with the finished primary candle and refill cartons. They reflect the quality I was looking to achieve one hundred percent and play a huge part in the overall look and feel of the MIXMY brand and concept.”


Brand: MIXMY Scent

Product: Scented candles

Paperboard: Incada Silk 350 g/m2

Printing and finishing: Falconer Print & Packaging


Created 3 July, 2023.