“Urbanears has stood out on shop shelves since day one, and we wanted it to stay that way when we redesigned the packaging,” says Jon Salamon, art director at Swedish electronic accessory start-up Zound Industries, which co-owns Urbanears along with Stockholm-based industrial designers Norra Norr.

“Sweden is a big part of Urbanears’ DNA, so we looked to strengthen that identity by using paperboard from Holmen,” he says.

Salamon and his colleagues decided to print on the uncoated reverse side of Invercote G paperboard because it offered the “tactile, fashionable feel” they were looking for. At the same time, they gave the solid-coloured inside of the box an aesthetically appealing marble print effect.

Salamon confirms that printing on Invercote G has lived up to Zound Industries’ expectations and objectives. “The hand-folded construction is sturdy and strong, and the layout has a good balance of Scandinavian restraint and quirky playfulness,” he says.

“We chose Invercote G because we needed a paperboard with a strong backbone that could live up to our demands,” agrees Mojdeh Hassani, packaging designer. “Furthermore, Invercote’s reliability is a crucial part of ensuring a consistent print solution.”


Company: Zound Industries 

Brand: Urbanears

Designers: Jon Salamon, art director, Mojdeh Hassani, packaging designer

Material: Invercote G 300 g/m2

Printing technique: Four-colour offset and one PMS

Finishing technique: For protection, a water-based varnish is used on the printed side

Printer: Elanders Group


Created 3 August, 2015.