Kevin Chen, how did you come up with this puzzle idea?

"2020 was an unforgettable year. The Covid pandemic changed our lives, we lost a lot and said goodbye to many. But when we looked up to the sky, there was still starry nights and hope. Our hope is that we still can enjoy the beauty of art during difficult times."

"With the puzzle, we tried to reinterpret Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, The Starry Night with a 3D concept. We used deep embossing and gold foil to express the contrast."

The design and production were all made in Taiwan. The most difficult part was to deliver the details and the excellent handcrafted feel for the masterpiece. Choosing the right paperboard also became crucial.

"The common product and specification for puzzles are blue cardboard in 2mm thickness. We did not choose that because it did not meet our requirements. We finally chose Invercote Duo 770gsm because it can tackle the high demand of deep embossing and truly deliver the color reproduction for the masterpiece. The artwork looks simple but the print production puts high pressure on the paperboard. Invercote Duo was definitely the best choice."

Kevin sent the Starry Night made on Invercote Duo paperboard to a school for visually impaired children for them to touch and feel the art piece. Click here to watch the video.

Starry Night puzzle piece

Starry Night Invercote Duo puzzle

Product name: Starry Night Pay Tribute to Vincent Williem Van Gogh Puzzle
Designer: Kevin Chen from Taiwan
Production and design house: HDH INC

Starry Night puzzle box


Created 25 May, 2022.