“The HTA is living and breathing the vision to convert from plastic to paperboard,” says Graham Lycett, Managing Director of Green Gift Cards UK. “They have embraced this idea and are using their paperboard card as a marketing tool to convey how they actively look at ways to reduce their impact on the environment.”

Lycett has been using and promoting the value of Invercote in the UK for many years, and not just because of its green credentials. “It works very well technically too,” he says. “It is very rigid, because of the fibres that are made from spruce and pine, but also very flexible – it doesn’t crack.”

Another company that Green Gift Cards has recently produced gift cards made from Invercote for is Photobox. This online service company produces albums, books, and other gifts from photographs that customers upload themselves. The company is very much a digitally focused one but wanted a new hybrid digital and physical gifting solution.

“Giving a gift through digital means can seem a bit cold,” says Juliette Savage, Commercial Director, Green Gift Cards. “And a hand wrapped physical gift card still has a lot more of a wow factor. So physical gifting will never be fully replaced by digital gifting.”


Brand: Photobox & Green Gift Cards

Product: Gift card

Paperboard: Invercote Duo with eco cellulose matt laminate


Created 9 Mars, 2021.