Graham Lycett is Managing Director for Green Gift Cards. Graham, can you tell us more about the project?

"BAFTA has ambitious plans to become carbon neutral and we want to help them. Two years ago, they approached us as a supply partner. Delighted with the opportunity and the potential to help reduce BAFTA's environmental impact, we supplied them with a range of environmentally friendly gift cards - one for each of the partner brands who contributed high-value gifts for the stars attending the awards. For this year’s award, we also took on a partnership role with the charity."

Can you tell us more about the BAFTA gift cards?

"We have gifted the cards for this year’s awards and, once again, produced a range of beautiful and environmentally friendly cards featuring BAFTA partner brands such as The Savoy, Lancôme, Taittinger, and Woodford Reserve. The cards are printed black and feature both gold and white foil from our zero2landfill partners FoilCo."

For BAFTA, these cards contribute to the goal of becoming climate neutral while also maintaining a premium feel and position. I guess other brands and events are trying to do the same, is there an increasing demand for green cards right now?

"We must all change, and we can see an increased interest in these solutions and alternatives. Major brands do not really have an alternative in the long run, consumer pressure is turning them towards paperboard cards and similar solutions. But the biggest increase in demand we see from smaller independent bands, they care, and their consumers are often more aware. We believe consumers are the main driver for change but now there is also increasing pressure from both government and legislation".

As premium brands are becoming more conscious their marketing activities need to adapt and change. All types of consumers and audiences want more sustainable gifts. Still, we love the symbolism of a card, a card that needs to be as thought-through and sustainable as the gift and brand it represents.

"Even though much is changing right now, the market for physical inspirational gift cards remains strong and growing. As a result of more sustainable values experiences are trending as gifts, and a sustainable paperboard card is the perfect representation of that. People still like something tangible and they appreciate the symbolism of a card."

Holmen Iggesund Premium Gift Cards With Gold Foil

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Created 30 May, 2022.