What makes cycleForm unique is that it offers a rounded shape without creases that can be printed before processing. The blister can be sealed to create a dust-free interior, making it very useful for products like razors, toothbrushes, etc., with distinct shapes needing dust protection. 

Koch Pac-Systeme uses Holmen Iggesund’s formable paperboard Inverform because it does not contain plastic, and has the correct stretch CD and percentage of water to work in the form pressing machines. Inverform is a recyclable material with exceptional formability.  

The technology used to create the Droplet is cycleForm, an alternative packaging solution developed at the Technical University of Dresden because of Koch Pac-Systeme’s track record of designing and manufacturing packaging in complex shapes.  

Paperboard sample product in the shape of a droplet

Sophisticated shapes and forms through creative innovation 

The starting point for the collaboration on the Droplet was that Holmen Iggesund wanted a giveaway that combined innovation with a compelling story. The new solution from Koch Pac-Systeme was appealing because of its versatility in shape and form, which resulted in a joint project.  

The Droplet has a highly communicative shape, like a water drop, and it’s very smooth to touch. Both of these advantages are achieved with cycleForm’s innovative creasing compression. 

“It was an exciting and challenging creative process”, says Anna Adler, Senior Event Manager at Holmen Iggesund. “We tried many shapes and forms before settling on a droplet of this particular look.” 

“We are very satisfied with the way the form speaks to the user”, says Kay Walter, Project Manager of Sales and Applications at Koch Pac Systeme. “It provides a very satisfying tactile experience for the user without compromising its purpose or capabilities.” 

The importance of water 

The Droplet also symbolises the importance of water. Water is necessary for the manufacturing of paperboard. At Holmen Iggesund, we have long been aware of the need to treat water as a precious resource. We only use the surface water from lakes and rivers near our factories for our production. 

Before use, the water is cleaned. Then, it’s re-circulated and recycled many times. After use, the water is cleaned in several stages before it is released to the Baltic- and Irish seas. We also closely cooperate with local environmental authorities to monitor the water ecosystem surrounding our mills.  As a water-free fiber forming process, Inverform shaped as cycleForm is an innovative solution to sustainable fibre-based packaging of consumer goods. 

About Koch Pac-Systeme 

Koch Pac-Systeme is a world-leading manufacturer of packaging machines and solutions, particularly technology that can produce sealed shapes and forms like blister packaging. Founded in 1969, Koch Pac-Systeme has been at the forefront of technological developments and creative solutions for many years. Since the late 1980s, the company has also focused on sustainability, especially coming up with solutions that decrease the use of plastics in packaging.  

Koch Pac-Systeme resides in Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany, and is part of the Uhlmann Group. 


Created 8 January, 2024.