“One of the most important aspects of our decision to choose Incada as our house paperboard was its availability. Working with input goods whose lead times are about 15 weeks means we need an inventory buffer to compensate for possible disruptions in the supply chains. That costs money, and more than we had expected.”

“Windles moved into new premises a few years ago,

Bruce Podmore

heated with 80 per cent biomass and designed with long-term sustainability in mind. We tried to consider all aspects – price, availability, quality and everything that is included in the concept of the total cost of ownership.”

“Incada is one of the whitest paperboards on the market with an impressive surface smoothness, which provides stability for creative cold foiling (the process we are renowned for). It’s also important not to underestimate the value of learning complete mastery of a material if it’s something you use often.”

Printed cards with cars on Incada

“For us, it’s ideal to have a high-quality paperboard that is made nearby. Minimal shipments, short lead times and very good print results are quite simply a winning combination.”

“Printing will be a dream where you don’t have to think about the yellowness of a board when designing. Glossy and matt finishes and true baby blues and pinks are achievable without compensation.”

Printed card with socks on Incada


Created 22 June, 2018.