What is micro drilling 

Micro drilling, sometimes called micro perforation, is a mechanical process where we punch tiny holes into all kinds of materials, for example leather, metal, wood or paper. We can make any design, logo or picture using our process with precision drills 

When is micro drilling typically used 

Micro drilling is a way to decorate something. Everyday we work on leather goods for well-known luxury houses in France and decorate their handbags by micro drilling. We work a lot with paper products including packaging, fragrance blotters and greeting cardslike the one for Iggesund.  

What are the advantages with the technique? 

The technique offers a beautiful way to decorate by punching tiny holes in a substrate and there is no burning, smell or discoloration as can happen with laser technology, for exampleThe paperboard stays white so that is a big advantage with our technology.  

Describe the process and challenges with making Iggesund’s greeting card. 

We used drills of just 0.35mm in diameter for the micro drilling processThe main challenge was working with the hot foil, which was already stamped on the paper. We had to be very accurate with placing the holes between the foil. This is a very flexible technology but the more steps you have the more difficult it can be because you have to respect the design of the previous step. The positive side is you can do complex designs.  

How did the Invercote paperboard cope with the process 

Iggesund’s paperboard is well known for its high quality and it can tolerate a high-precision process. We used Invercote Creato, which is smooth and easy to work with so there was no difficulty with the micro drilling process. Wwill definitely use it for future projects as well. 

Would you agree that sending a greeting is more important this year than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic?    

Yes, totally! With the pandemic, we are living in a more digital world with fewer and fewer human contacts. Sending a greeting can be considered as a return to traditional values, with a focus on the human link. Receiving a greeting is always a good surprise because it means that somewhere, someone is thinking of you.