Why is it important for Iggesund to send season’s greetings cards?  

We send out the cards to strengthen our relationships and let customers and partners know that we remember them. We also want to inspire people to use our paperboard, encourage interesting design and challenge what can be done with it 

How do you select a designer and concept?  

It’s quite a long process that begins by sending out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to different designers in April. Our marketing and branding department and a reference group consisting of people from technical support, sales and new business, then evaluates the different proposals. We look for something that makes an impression through an attractive design and an inspiring use of finishing techniques that challenge the paperboard to the limit. 

How is the atmosphere surrounding the card process 

It’s a lot of fun working with the season’s greetings card and seeing what designers can do with our paperboard. Just a small group of people get to see the design in advance, so that generates mystery and quite a buzz. People look forward to seeing the card each year and what Iggesund will do next!  

Why did you choose the proposal from the Marianne Guély studio?  

From the very first glance at Marianne’s creation we felt it was the one. It is a clean, elegant and beautiful design and the tiny micro drilled holes add an extra dimension of curiosity. It highlights nature and mankind, a return to our roots and the importance of growing together and taking care of each other, which are very important messages in these times. It was also exciting to work with Marianne who is so well known for her paper creations, particularly in France. 

What are the technical challenges that make this card so unique?  

The card was made using hot foil and micro drilling, so the paperboard had to be sturdy enough to stand up to heat and not break or have raggedy edges from the stress of drilling.  

Why is sending a greeting card even more significant in this year of a pandemic?  

This year it feels even more important to keep our relationships alive when we can’t meet in person – and receiving a card also makes people happy. Every year, people display the Iggesund card on their desk or hang it up at home because it is so beautiful.