What were your initial thoughts when you got the brief from Iggesund? 

I felt proud to work with a company that has its own forest and produces its own paper according to the highest environmental standards. 

Describe the creative process leading to your idea. 

I thought of trees when I first received the assignment. Man is a walking tree. Our feet are our roots, our anchor. The tree's lifelines reflect our emotions and our link to the world and nature. 

Describe the concept and design of the card. 

My idea was to work on a mandala, like the ones that appear when a tree trunk is cut. The lines of the trunk represent the tree’s lifelines. I played with these elements to create a feeling of radiance. Small garlands of people fit into this for a human touch. 

What significance did the paperboard have for the creative process and finished piece? 

The purity, the technicality and the timelessness of Invercote paperboard inspired me. Its whiteness transported me to winter and the festive atmosphere of the holiday season.  

You want the card to be perceived as a gift. Please elaborate. 

I wanted to create a theatrical card in a large format that you want to keep, and that plays with the light in your home thanks to the micro-perforation integrated into the card. It becomes a precious object that can be discovered little by little.  

What were your thoughts on the finishing techniques on the card, especially the micro-perforation/micro-drilling process? 

I am fascinated by the history of Delta Neo, a French company that is using this industrial tool destined to disappear, for new applications and materials. It is a technique that has been adapted to the world of luxury items through a company that knows how to evolve. The micro-perforation technique allows us to go into the infinitely small, drilling tiny holes to re-create designs. 

How important is it to send a greeting with the Covid-19 pandemic going on?   

This year, we need a soothing message to regain confidence in 2021 and be able to project ourselves into a promising future. Paper brings a physical link complementary to the digital link that is all the more important this year.