The decision to bring the paper and paperboard operations together in a combined business area is part of the continued strategic development of Holmen's business based on four well-defined business lines, i.e., forestry, hydro and wind power, woodworking industry, and process industry operations. 

“Holmen has developed positively by creating added value from the forest and land we own. By focusing our business model on four distinct business lines, i.e., forestry, hydro and wind power, woodworking industry and process industry operations, we are strengthening our strategic ability”, says Holmen's President and CEO, Henrik Sjölund.

Over the years, Holmen has successfully developed paper and paperboard products based on raw fresh wood material and a largely fossil-free production process. By combining our process industry expertise in one business area, we are increasing our ability to develop our business within premium paperboard and innovative paper with four production facilities in Sweden and the UK.

This first step of the merger is mainly an internal step to define further action for the future. For us, it’s about getting the experts within our process industries to work closer together and be quick to serve and lead. By accelerating sustainable change, we pave the way for sustainable board and paper production today and in the future.

Our focus is, as always, to serve our customers in the best possible way and continue delivering our high-quality paperboard products, Invercote, Incada and Inverform.

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