We manufacture high-quality paperboards, Invercote and Incada. They are made from renewable raw material, and after usage they are a valuable input to paper recycling systems.

Iggesund was founded in 1685 and even if the business focus has changed with time we today base our business on the same two main pillars as our predecessors did 300 years ago.

Wood, coming from nearby forests, providing both the raw material for our paperboard and energy to power our process.

Water from nearby lakes and rivers, giving us freshwater to use in the manufacturing process and also good energy water power stations.

In 1685 the Swedish queen Hedvig Ellinora saw the opportunities of sustainable business based on the northern forests and rivers and granted Iggesund the right to start up operations. Today we hope you see how we carry the torch further by producing world leading products based on the very same pillars as in the start. And by caring for the environment, never harvesting more than we plant, we today have more wood in our forests than ever before. A sign of a truly sustainable business idea!