Newly planted trees

Sustainable forestry

We practice forestry based on hundreds of years of human experience, research and political deliberations. Sustainable forestry will not be achieved at a certain point in time – it has to be developed constantly.

Wood - a natural and renewable raw material

Iggesund's operation is based on the renewable and carbon-neutral raw material wood, which provides products that can be recycled as both material and energy.

Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must level off at their current level and be reduced in the longer term in order to curb the change taking place in the Earth’s climate. 

For climate-related reasons it is best to use the forests actively. 

Wood is becoming an ever more important product in the sustainable society, as wood captures carbon. Growing forest stores the carbon dioxide from the air in trees and soil in the form of carbon. When the trees are felled and used for wood products, these products continue to capture carbon throughout the product's life.

The art of growing forests

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Map of protected forests

Se Holmen´s and other major forest owners formal and voluntary set-aside areas in Sweden.

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Forest regeneration

Holmen’s book "The art of growing forests" summarises our view of how forests should be managed in order to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

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Biodiversity is key to healthy, resilient, productive forest land. It is an integrated part of sustainable forest management.

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