Today the fashion world is exhaling after an intense week of cat walk action at the LFW - London Fashion Week. As designers, models and fashionistas pack up their things to head home it is time to reflect on where the fashion world is heading.  Without going into whether brown is the new black or if heels are higher or lower this year one thing stands out; Fashion is going green!

Fashion has an inherent problem with the concept of sustainability since it by nature is trying to get us to buy a new wardrobe every season. What is cool this winter is ice cold next year.  On a more serious note there are fundamental environmental issues surrounding the fashion industry since it by many is considered to be the second largest polluter in the world after oil and gas. To top it off there are the alarms about models un-healthy sizes and reports of dreadful working conditions in the clothes production chains.

But strong winds of change have messed up the hair of many models and designers this year.  The s-word was all over LFW. The fashion world has really discovered the power of Sustainability.  Once you go green there is no going back, you realize that there is such a win-win in this area.

At the LFW the British Fashion Council launched a joint effort together with Dame Vivienne Westwood and the Mayor of London to bring the fashion industry together towards climate action.

It is heartwarming to see positive initiatives turning to good business for both the small and the giant! Swedish “fashion to the masses” company H&M has set a target to become completely circular and renewable.  On the way towards the target they are helped by using label material produced by Iggesund Paperboard of wood from sustainably managed forests and bio power from the wood residue.

Away from the LFW limelight small “the white t-shirt co” is introducing profound sustainability thinking in something as straight forward as our favorite white t-shirt! With an objective to become free from both waste and plastics they are joining a movement all over the fashion world.

Iggesund Paperboard sees more and more textiles being packaged in paper instead of traditional plastics. Recently we have helped different fashion companies with finding the right packaging material for things like mens underwear, sunglasses, fragrances and high fashion long-johns!  All with the same objective as “the white t-shirt co” – zero waste and zero plastics! For the climate and for our seas.  Are you next?

Check out and learn more about how you can reach your sustainability targets by choosing the right packaging material.