Paperboard is a highly sustainable packaging option made from the remnants of sawn timber. It has a lower environmental impact than most other packaging solutions, in particular vs. plastics, which is not only derived from fossil fuels, but can take hundreds of years to decompose. Fibre-based paperboard quickly decomposes if it ends up back in nature and it won’t harm the environment. In many applications, using paperboard can save up to 99 per cent of the fossil carbon emissions compared to a similar application in plastics.

Compare paperboard to metal packaging and it also wins on the sustainability front, as it requires much less energy to produce. And because it is lighter than glass, paperboard adds up to major fuel savings when it comes to transport. Paperboard has a relatively low weight, and empty cartons can be transported flat, for more efficient delivery and storage.

Iggesund’s environmental efforts run throughout the production process where bioenergy is our main source of energy. The water we use in production comes from nearby lakes and rivers and is recirculated and recycled many times inside the mills. It is then cleaned in accordance with local environmental regulations before it is released back into the sea.

Our paperboard is also easy to recycle and because it is made from fresh fibre, it contributes to maintaining recycled paper production. When the paperboard finally reaches the end of its recycled life, it can be used to generate bioenergy – so, nothing goes to waste.

To sum up, select one of our paperboards and you will have made an environmentally sound choice for your wines and spirits.