Paperboard from Iggesund can withstand all of the stresses and strains of advanced finishing techniques. It’s a material that really lets you go all out in the design department. Why not add a metallic finish, detailed embossing or hot foiling, to give your Champagne box that extra sparkle?

Finish your package with a fully recyclable UV varnish to achieve an extremely smooth surface. You can also do spot varnishing to enhance an image, such as a logo, set against an unvarnished area.

Our strong, multiply paperboard offers all kinds of structural design possibilities without cracking or tearing. It has the superb strength and stiffness needed, as well as the dimensional stability, to withstand multiple press runs and post-press converting. In addition, a light coating on the reverse side of the board gives it the feeling of an uncoated board and makes double-sided printing possible.

Trouble-free printing and conversion begin with flat, stable and dust-free paperboard that offers good ink absorption and drying properties. When designing cartons for your prestigious champagne or spirits brand, look for a paperboard with extremely high stability to achieve perfect register.

Colours are faithfully reproduced thanks to Iggesund paperboard’s excellent printing properties. It all begins with our “right white” paperboard that is not too blue or too yellow. Invercote has a lasting whiteness that resists fading. It is at least twice as resistant to light exposure as comparable paperboard products. This premium whiteness is achieved by using nothing but pure fresh fibre and a limited amount of optical brightening agents (OBAs).

There are said to be 56 million bubbles in a bottle of champagne. Be sure to wrap them exquisitely and your product will fly off the shelf!