Your whisky is a premium product that has been carefully aging for years. But its journey isn’t over once it leaves the cellar. Its packaging requires the same careful attention.

We understand how crucial strong packaging is for your product and have designed our paperboards to make the handling of wines and spirits as trouble-free as possible. Our paperboard has the strength and durability to protect your fragile bottles in distribution, storage and handling. No ripping or rupture thanks to our stiff paperboard made from strong and versatile renewable fresh fibre.

Our paperboard is characterized by great compression strength, folding endurance to avoid cracks, and stiffness, along with excellent creasing and gluing properties. These properties ensure a strong carton while minimising process stoppages and material waste. The optimal runnability and trouble-free production will ensure that you can benefit from a lower total cost of ownership.

At Holmen Iggesund we also offer a market-leading technical support and advice; in person and online. Whatever questions you may have, we are here to support you.

Your carton must remain pristine at the point of sale as well. The closure flaps need to withstand repeated opening and closing without tearing. A smooth surface provides good rub and abrasion resistance, to preserve the carton and ease handling.

Safety and hygiene are also critical for your wines and spirits. Iggesund’s paperboard is made of pure fresh fibres and it undergoes a controlled manufacturing process that meets all product safety and hygiene requirements to ensure a consistent product free from contamination.

And remember, packaging’s task is still not complete upon reaching the final destination. Many consumers keep their premium drinks a long time. An unopened bottle of scotch can last more than 100 years, so make sure your packaging material is up to the job!