Skärnäs port tugboat

Skärnäs Port

Welcome to Skärnäs Terminal

Skärnäs Terminal, owned by Holmen, is a combined port, docking and terminal company located in Iggesund, south of Hudiksvall in central Sweden. We handle upwards of one million tonnes of forest products each year, and thanks to our round-the-clock operations we are able to provide unique solutions to our customers.

Through close cooperation with our clearance and freight-forwarding partners J Arndt Shipping, Skärnäs Terminal can offer a comprehensive, high quality range of services 24 hours-a-day, all year round.

J Arndt Shipping is a part of Skärnäs Terminal. This division comprises the agents who handle contact with incoming vessels, as well as relations with our customers. We provide assistance to crews and ships, handle communication with authorities in addition to our external clients in the sawmill industry.

Thanks to close cooperation with our internal and external customers, we are able to offer several interesting routes to Greece and North Africa, as well as England. We are currently working to add a number of new destinations in the near future.

Traffic and tugboat

The tugboat Skärnäs serves the area around the Port of Skärnäs. T/B Skärnäs is used for both icebreaking and towing.


Mechanical Power: 1680 hp
Length: 30.94 m
Draught: 4.5 m

Built: 1964
Maximum number of passengers: 12


At the turn of the nineteenth century there were approximately 50 ports, industrial quays and wharfs along the coast of Hälsingland.

Skärnäs Terminal AB has its roots in Iggesund Bruk’s port division and Hudiksvalls Stuveri AB.  At the end of 1987, Skärnäs docking operations went from being partly-owned to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the then AB Iggesunds Bruk.

Today, Skärnäs Terminal AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Holmen AB. Nowadays, the port facility in Iggesund is the only port in northern Hälsingland operated on business lines. It has been extended with new quays, warehousing, and storage space in order to effectively handle volumes of freight way in excess of those 100 years ago.

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