Want to learn everything worth knowing about paperboard?

Know-how. Such a beautiful word. At Iggesund Paperboard we believe in setting the standards rather than following others’. That’s why we strive to gather more know-how every day that passes – and have been doing so for a long time.


What is paperboard training?

Iggesund Mill on Sweden’s central east coast was founded more than 300 years ago in 1685, originally as an ironworks. In 1869 with a new sawmill we took a step into the world of modern forest products. In 1963 we began manufacturing paperboard. Since then we have acquired more than half a century of profound knowledge of specifying, printing, converting and using paperboard.

We have the know-how. A lot of it, actually. Now we want to share our knowledge with you, the creative minds and progressive companies that make our paperboard come alive in the shape of astonishing packaging and printed matter. We also want to learn from you to better understand the demands on our paperboard. Now and in the future.

Paperboard training is divided into three parts. The crown jewel are the visits to our mills in Sweden and the UK. There you get the whole brand experience. You get to follow the process from seed to paperboard and learn how sustainability permeates everything we do. At night you will get a culinary taste of Sweden or England and sleep in our much-loved guesthouses. A quite extraordinary experience, if you ask us.

Iggesund can also come to you in the form of an onsite workshop or informative seminar. The third and most future-oriented part of paperboard training is our cooperation with selected educational institutions in various countries. Here we engage with the design stars of tomorrow with the aim of bridging the gap between industry and academia. A partnership we are truly proud of.

Paperboard training is for the brand manager. For the product designer. For the vice president. For the inquisitive design student. For everyone and anyone eager to learn more about how to accomplish outstanding packaging quality, be it from a functional, environmental or aesthetical perspective.

To Iggesund Paperboard, know-how is everything. It’s in our DNA. It’s built into the walls of our two mills.

Now – let’s exchange the knowledge.

Welcome to Iggesund. We are excited to have you.

Visit Iggesund Mill

Do you want to learn more about the production of Invercote while enjoying the peaceful forests and coastland of northern Sweden? Submit your contact details for the chance to be invited to an unforgettable learning experience.

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