“When I first took this job, someone told me: ‘you’re going to be the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.’ Basically, we didn’t understand the converters and they didn’t understand us (the board mills).

“I am very much the middleman between the market and the mill. It’s my responsibility to ensure the mill understands the market’s needs and vice versa. Luckily the market and the mill have become much closer in the last few years. Otherwise I would have failed at my job."

“I moved from university in Aberdeen, Scotland to Bradford, England to take up a graduate role at Field Packaging as a Development Technician. I have stayed in both Yorkshire and the packaging industry ever since. Immediately prior to joining Iggesund 15 years ago (2001) I was the Technical Manager at Waddington Cartons (now Graphic Packaging in Leeds and still a major customer today)."

“In my current role as Head of Technical Service at Iggesund there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ week. My first priority is to meet my customers’ needs, whether that be providing technical support documentation from my home office located close to the market or visiting their sites to provide on the spot technical expertise.“

“As part of my Senior Technical position it is my responsibility to know about and keep up with all things Incada within the company. It’s a role I enjoy as it brings me closer to the mill and the people who make our Incada brand.“

“I particularly enjoy meeting a variety of people, travelling and seeing different converting processes across the total spectrum of the packaging industry. Since I joined Iggesund, the past years have flown by and I can honestly say there has never been a dull moment.”