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Invercote Duo

About Invercote Duo

Invercote Duo is a solid bleached board (SBB) made by back-to-back pasting of triple coated Invercote G.

This standard version has identical printing surfaces front and back. Alternative versions are available, with e.g. front-to-back pasting to achieve special properties or appearances. An Iggesund representative would be happy to discuss further and give advice.

Invercote Duo's printing surfaces has the ability to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printing images. A patented coating formula provides outstanding lightfastness, giving the end products a longer life. Due to its strength, toughness and thickness, it is especially suitable for various display purposes and different types of rigid, exclusive packaging.

Invercote Duo is particularly recommended for packaging of aroma and flavour sensitive products.

The pasting glue is taint and odour neutral. Invercote Duo can be extrusion coated to add the barrier functions necessary under extreme conditions, e.g. outdoor displays or foil or film laminated for added sales appeal.

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