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Invercote in use

The Invercote family consists of a range of products customised for different end-user applications and is manufactured at the integrated Iggesund mill in Sweden. Invercote is a multilayered Solid Bleached Board (SBB), made from chemical pulp produced by the sulphate pulping method. The use of virgin fibre and the sulphate pulping method ensures a hygienic and odour- and taint neutral product. All materials used in the making of Invercote are approved for food contact according to current regulations.

Invercote products are widely used for picture postcards, high-quality brochures and book covers, and the packaging of cosmetics, perfumes, chocolate and pharmaceutical products. Invercote is manufactured from fibre of known and traceable origin and produced at a site where pulp production is integrated with the paperboard mill. This combined with the inherent stability of our chosen manufacturing process ensures a repeatable and predictable performance of the product in converting and use.

The fully coated printing surfaces of the Invercote family are designed to meet the highest demands of image reproduction in printing and surface treatment methods such as hot-foil, foil- and film application. The coating composition is adjusted in two different general directions for the product family to satisfy printability requirements, primarily of offset-litho and gravure printing. Inks on the market intended for use on fully coated surfaces can be used on the full range of Invercote products.

Invercote can be printed in offset-litho, gravure, flexo, screen, and digital printing processes. Invercote products are not suitable for web-offset or heatset printing. Invercote is also qualified and certified for most digital printing presses (electroink, inkjet and xerography) on the market today. Invercote is suitable for all digital printing and converting applications, but due to the multitude of printing engines and the rapid development of both inks/toners and machinery, we recommend that you contact our technical service personnel for assistance.