Digital print samples folder

Digital print sample folder

Order our digital print kit to see, touch and feel what Invercote can do for digital print. Apart from a graphical application the folder consists of several packaging samples, all with various finishings.

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Why Invercote for digital print?

Invercote assures that your continuous improvements in content come across as you imagined. No paperboard bends and folds more effortlessly, and allows your ideas to shine. Our sustainability value comes from low waste print runs, and our passion for the complete cycle of environmental excellence.

Invercote’s optimal whiteness is specially designed for true colour reproduction – even on tricky half tones – and its extreme smoothness delivers the exceptional finish your work deserves. The unique construction means that creases will not crack even after repeated use. You can print any colour anywhere you want – even over folds. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to satisfy customers, solving the cracking problem forever.

Invercote in use

Invercote's superb quality consistency creates a confidence of exceptional results, no matter how tough your print job is. We guarantee values for more than 30 characteristics and give specified tolerances as added guidelines. That’s why every pallet and every ream of Invercote behaves exactly the same, again and again.



Invercote works well in most digital printing presses on the market today and is suitable for many digital printing applications, but due to the multitude of printing engines and the rapid development of both inks/toners and machinery, we recommend that you contact our technical service personnel for assistance.