When purchasing a product, consumers normally make the decision to buy online or in store, especially before the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to making a purchase, most consumers research the product online, check out the different alternatives and read reviews. Information is readily available in the digital space but the amount of information and statistics can be overwhelming and hard to evaluate especially when we don’t know who is behind the reviews. Often, it is the brands, which are primarily showing the benefits of their product.

What does influencer marketing do? Influencers primarily act as a mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers. An endorsement from an influencer has the power to drive traffic to your site, amplify your message across social media platforms, and even directly sell your product through their recommendation.

[Source: Buffer]

We tend to do the research but also rely on close friends or family to help us make a purchasing decision. We look to people whom we can trust and identify ourselves with. In this space, people we follow on social media can play an important role, as they are normally people we look up to or admire in some way and what they say about a product weighs in on our decision-making. These influencers are becoming increasingly important to brands as they look to build relationships with consumers and today influencer marketing is no longer merely a niche area but an important focus area for brands. So, how do brands work with influencers and get them to show their products in a favourable way?


Text: Thomas Janson