The campaign mater­ial to receive the most attention was a 3D pop-up book that was printed in 700 copies and distributed to the most highly reputed real estate agents on the American East Coast.

“The greatest hurdle to overcome was ad­equately trying to convey the massive transform­ation, both inside and out, while showcasing the archi­tectural enhancements with a modern appeal,” explains Mark J. Williams at YMEE.

Mark J. Williams and colleague holding 3D pop-up book in New York street
“We printed the 3D pop-up on Invercote Creato 260 and 350 g/m². It has an outstanding blend of colour reproduction and rigidity. We are already utilising it in the production of another piece.”


Brand: RXR Realty

Product: 75 Rockefeller Plaza

Designers: Mark J. Williams & Reza Farahani

Paperboard: Invercote Creato