Based in Addison, Illinois, Optimum Card Solutions is a major player in the gift card business. Since autumn 2016 it has been using Invercote G based on the recommendation of one of its merchant partners.

“An FSC®-certified Invercote gift card reduces the card’s carbon footprint
by 95 percent.”

— Steve Dussair, Optimum Card Solutions

Optimums’ patented production process allows it to do all aspects of making a paperboard gift card inline and in one pass. This saves both time and resources, creating a more cost-effective card than plastic.

“An FSC®-certified Invercote gift card reduces the card’s carbon footprint by 95 percent by being lighter than plastic as well as being responsibly and sustainably sourced,” says Steve Dussair, Director New Product Development at Optimum. “Once the card is depleted, the consumer can toss that paperboard gift card into any mixed-use recycling bin, allowing it to be re-pulped and used again to make other fibre products.“

 What made you choose Invercote?

“First of all, it has an outstanding print surface that allows the use of heavy ink coverage without issue. Our process allows us to emboss one side of the gift card without affecting the other, and Invercote embosses better than any paperboard we have ever tested. It has great stiffness, which makes the finished gift card more durable and feel more substantial.”


Brand: Optimum Card Solutions

Product: Gift cards

Paperboard: Invercote G

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