One production company that chose a particularly ambitious way to influence the industry’s elite is Audience Network. It ordered 18,000 copies of a book to be printed that contained an overview of all its programmes and sent the book to influencers in the film and TV industries. The book was printed by Lithocraft, which was commissioned by the design agency to present a caliper-based substrate that possessed characteristics that would normally be observed with a fine, coated cover grade. 

“We were quite impressed when the Holmen Iggesund lines were introduced and immediately deemed them to be a good fit with our clientele,” says Walther Thurman of Lithocraft. “The superiority of the Invercote sheet is noted not only through a visual inspection of the surface of the unprinted sheet but is certainly noted when ink and coatings are applied.”


Brand: Audience Network

Product: Promotional booklet

Paperboard: Invercote G