Whether you’re training competitively or just want a little extra power at the gym, a scientifically based sports drink can give you the edge when it comes to performance.

Norwegian sports and health drink company, Ink, have reimagined the sports drink industry with their patented technology, the Ink Cap. Vitamins left in water lose their power over time – Ink Caps work by preserving essential vitamins and minerals inside the cap.

Offering a convenient ready-to-go solution, Ink Caps are 100% recyclable and compatible with most standard bottles. You simply screw a cap onto the bottle, shake it and drink.

Containing different nutrients, the caps come in a range of neon colours, and are packaged inside a sleek black box made from Invercote paperboard. One of the key attributes of the box is its silky smooth surface, as well as the personalised motivational message inside the tab that reads “Remember you are amazing”.

We spoke to Steven Widlic, Project Manager at 07 Media, Norway’s biggest print house, to ask why they chose to use Invercote for Ink’s packaging. “We have to consider where the product is going to be displayed, how heavy the contents are, the box’s finish, and whether the packaging has to handle shipping,” says Steven.

With these requirements in mind, Steven felt that Invercote was the obvious choice.

”Invercote’s stability and sustainability is one of the keys for success. It’s easy to print on in both offset and digital, and simple to do all the finishing you need. It also gives stability that is essential for packaging.”

Steven thinks that the packaging finish is one of the most important things for a product and could make or break its success. ”Invercote has superior quality and a surface that is easy to do finishing on. This is necessary for the packaging to stand out and to make our clients succeed. For packaging, Holmen Iggesund’s Invercote ticks all the boxes. Always!”

Fatburn Ink cap packaging for mango and peach flavour

Fatburn Ink cap packaging for raspberry lemonade flavour

Fatburm Ink Caps boxes standing up with different colours and flavours