Outside, the silky surface of the box already hints at the smoothness of honey, and the delicate flowery pattern especially suits Asian taste. Using these simple design elements, the box portrays the experience of a bee encountering a flower – and the recipient is drawn into the story to become the bee itself.

“We chose to use Invercote Creato 350 gsm because it was very important to have high-quality and double-sided coated paperboard, as we used demanding special effects on both sides of the material,” says Oravainen. “The most important criterion was the technical capacity of the paperboard due to the demanding effects. The material needed also to tolerate the foldings of the flower-shaped construction.”

The finishing effects are hot foil and laminate, and the inside surface is offset printed with a special metallic colour.

Another intelligent feature of the box design is that it is only necessary to change the sleeve for different products. The sleeve is easily reprinted and the inner part stays the same, thereby reducing total costs.

What feedback have you heard about the box design?

“The customer has been very satisfied with this concept. This is a flexible way to pack different products in the same gift box. Consumers have been very surprised when opening the package – unboxing is an important part of the brand experience!”


Brand: The Finland Honey Company Ltd.

Product: Gift box

Paperboard: Invercote Creato