Stockholm-based startup company aboutHER was conceived with the vision and mission of making hygiene products for menstruation easily available at offices and other workplaces, in a sustainable way. To make this happen they came up with the idea of creating an easily accessible dispenser box filled with pads and tampons, and which would be made from sustainable packaging materials.

“We are focused on equality, availability, and sustainability at your office,” says Therese Dahlberg, Founder at aboutHER. “Two-thirds of all women have had their period unexpectedly in the workplace at some point and, knowing how stressful that is, we felt the need for this product. The box can make a big difference, making menstrual protection available when most needed.”

To make the box a reality, aboutHER turned to Anders Bergman, a constructor with many years of experience, at the design company PÅ Media. He knew that his preferred board, Holmen Iggesund’s Invercote G, would be the ideal material for the aboutHER box.

“They came to us for help in making a user-friendly and eco-friendly dispenser that works in a public environment,” says Bergman. “I have been a constructor since 1984 and I have worked with Invercote G for many years, and it is my preferred paperboard. The aboutHER dispenser needed to be steady and firm, which Invercote G is. It is a board which also works well in a digital environment, both in terms of printing and cutting. It doesn’t crack when you work with it, and it is very printable. An environmentally friendly cardboard was also essential for this customer, and Invercote G is FSC certified.”

Increased demand for sustainable packaging

Bergman is increasingly seeing a demand from customers for sustainable packaging solutions, especially from new businesses and for brand new products. And, he adds, the performance of cardboard, especially Invercote G which has superior strength due to its multiple layers up of solid bleached primary fibers, is just as good as plastic, even for packaging heavier items.

“Sustainability is very important to us,” adds Dahlberg. “And FSC labeling is a must. Our goal is to use zero plastic, which is why we didn't want to use a plastic dispenser and were looking for a paper option. We are very satisfied with the final product which is simple and has a stylish design. We have received very good feedback from our customers, and they love to be a part of this journey.”

The Startbox, as the aboutHER-dispenser has been called, was launched in October 2022. AboutHER hopes that offices and workplaces across Sweden and beyond will order one so that employees and customers will always feel safe when their period comes unexpectedly.

About the Startbox from aboutHER
• Digitally printed on Invercote G 380 gsm on an HP Indigo press and digitally punched.
• Construction, layout, and production by PÅ Media.


Created 16 December, 2022.