Incada Duo

Incada Duo is designed for applications where outstanding stiffness properties in combination with visual impact are of importance.

Incada Duo can be extrusion coated to add the barrier functions necessary under extreme conditions, e.g. outdoor displays or foil or film laminated for added sales appeal.

Read more: "We chose Incada Duo for its high quality rating and the stability of the packaging, which makes it able actually to hold an 800 ml bottle”

Christiane Edelhoff, Mäurer & Wirtz

Incada Duo is a symmetrical fully coated folding box board with a medium gloss finish. It is made by back-to-back pasting of Incada Exel. The printing surfaces are therefore identical. Alternative versions are available, with e.g. front- to-back pasting to achieve special properties or appearances. An Iggesund representative would be happy to discuss further and give advice. Incada Duo has a medium gloss finish. Its whiteness ensures a good contrast against print.

Vice-President, Sales Americas

Rickard Österlindh
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Art de cologne

To commemorate last year’s 222nd anniversary of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, artists Koralie and SupaKitch were invited to create one special edition each of its 800 ml perfume bottle.

Sustainability the Incada way

Paperboard is lightweight, stiff, versatile and renewable. In the folding box board sector Incada is a leader not only in terms of its performance but also with regards to environmental sustainability.

One of the most important requirements for sustainability is profitability because without good profitability it is impossible to invest in environmental improvements.



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